Web developer in 2020

I started getting more into Web Development and Design once I finished the army. I started to think a lot what kind of direction to I want to take. So, that is when I decided to continue my journey developing websites. I knew a lot before, but I knew I had to update myself after 3 years of being a soldier. So, I searched for mentors and courses and I came across exceptional mentors to help me through my career.

Learning to code is something that not everybody can do. That is true. It requires a lot of time and patience. Programming is to know that you are going to make a lot of mistakes.

Something funny I realized about programming is that as a programmer of any kind of software you are creating problems. Why is that? You want to create a Homepage right? So, you start coding step by step. Nav Bar, slider, Paragraphs. Then you realize your code is not responding. It can be the size of a dot that you missed to something bigger but how many times when you are writing you don’t miss a coma or a dot. So, in programming that’s how it is. You forget to put the semicolon and it’s like you are talking Japanese to it.

But I do have to mention that even when you are starting to develop software and you make a mistake. There isn’t the biggest joy of resolving that mistake!