Finding your Niche

I was studying Web Development And Design through a lot of online courses. I came across excellent mentors. The one to mention is Andrei Neagoie, Angela Yu and Mark Lassof. They always mentioned to combine your passion and knowledge so you can create the amazing! 

When they all mentioned to start a blog I started searching about what will I talk about in my own blog? Since I never really learned anything about Blogging I decided to take a short course on Udemy by Brad Merrill. I learned a lot of the value of creating something that is your own. When you combine that passion and knowledge into a white plain sheet. Then you reach way beyond your expectations.

My First Blog

Doogling was my first blog. It’s a space talking about everything related dogs. I have always loved dogs since I have memory and I had the privilege to join the Air Force in the K-9 Unit and share my complete service with a lifetime partner. So, I combined passion and knowledge to create a beautiful and successful website. Like I mention a lot. I love to help my surroundings and creating this blog I help dogs, dog owner and future dog owners to know how to have the best life for their dogs. 

Creating Your First Blog

I personally think everyone should have a blog. Everybody should have that space in this digital world to express and expand their essence. Us as human beings we have so much to share and more when we live in the era of digital world.